Here follows a list of locations, places and settlements in the Empire of Indand which do not have enough information for their own articles.


The Imperial City of Lyrasia, commonly called the Imperial City or simply Lyrasia, is the capital and second-largest city in terms of population of the Empire. The city is located in the Riverlands and Plains region of Indand on the Westerhaven Plain, on the banks of the Black River. Lyrasia is one of the oldest known settlements within the Empire. It was founded by Osold I in 187 BTW, mere years prior to the foundation of the Kingdom of Dalun. It is regarded as one of the most important historical sites in Ugius. In 415 ATW, the city had an estimated population of 400,000 people.

The Emperor of Indand rules the Empire from the Cile Throne in the Cile Keep.

Cile Keep

The Cile Keep is the seat of the imperial government and the official residence of the Emperor. The Cile Throne, formerly known as the High Throne, is where the Emperor conducts most of his public business. The Keep includes forty rooms, two military barracks (one for the Imperial Guard and one for the Kingsguard), five servant barracks, the Throne Room, one royal dining room and nine lesser dining rooms, among others.


Bronzegate is the most populous city in the Empire as well as the capital of the Kingdom of Molatrur and the former Empire of Molatrur. The city is located on the northeastern bank of the Agrius Sound on the continent of Casperum. In 415 ATW, the city had an estimate population of 700,000 people. House Reed rules over the Kingdom from Castle Molandus. The city traces its origins back to 82 BTW when Reed the Fearless settled there.

Castle Raluborn

Castle Raluborn is the seat of House Raluborn as well as the de facto seat of government of the Duchy of Crosaia, the smallest of the nine realms. Emperor Arnoh III was born in Castle Raluborn.

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