Liberal Sadenism

Liberal Sadenism is an umbrella term referring to people who generally agree with the most important values of the teachings of Castiv Saden and Sadenism, but do not support the "more minor" elements thereof, such as the communist economic outlook. Liberal Sadenists are usually capitalists who still believe in a one-world state which should become spare-faring; however think that a free or mixed-market economy is more likely to help achieve that goal, claiming that competition drives output.




Main article: Sadenism, Castiv Saden

Sadenism (pronounced say-din-ism) is the political ideology based around the political, social and economic policies and style of Castiv Saden, an early nineteenth century philosopher and scientist from the Kingdom of Ninelia. Sadenism is the most popular communist ideology throughout Elysia, thus making it a part of Sasizonism. Saden himself was a follower of Sasizon's works however pointed out those ideals were too moderate and not fit to lead humanity forward.

Mostly described in Saden's book, Lanean Utopia, Saden's ideology is readily available and codified in many areas of the book. Arguably, the most important part of Sadenism, is that Saden said the eventual, most important goal of humanity, is to colonize as much of space and the universe before the species' ultimate demise. Saden argues that the only way for such an idea to even be possible, all the nations and peoples of the world must be united under one federal government.

Communism is a large part of Sadenism as Saden, like Sasizon, believes that the state must have an active role in the economy, firstly, and secondly, that Saden believes "petty competition" between private interests does not help humanity in its eventual goal. Sadenists believe that the government must establish state corporations run by private individuals to maximize efficiency, and that there must be no competition for resources or profit. Because of this, governments which adhere to Sadenist economic values import very rarely to ensure local state corporations do not compete with foreign companies.

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