According to the East Saharan Constitution, political parties are allowed to exist. Religious political parties are not allowed as it would not respect the principle of non-interference of religion in politics and that religion has to remain in the private sphere to respect all beliefs. Also forbidden are political parties supporting militia formations or having an agenda that is contradictory to the constitution and its principles, or threatening the country's stability such as national unity between Muslim and Christians.

List of Parties

Party Name English Political Orientation
Al Nour Party Non-Secular Islamist
Al-Wasat Party Moderate Islamist
Arab Socialist Party Non-Secular Socialism
Dignity Party Secular
Eastern Sahara Communist Party Secular Communism
East Sahara Social Democratic Party Secular Liberal Democracy
Freedom and Justice Party Moderate Islamic Democracy
Justice Party
New Democratic Party Secular Democracy
New Wafd Party Secular Liberal Democracy
The Revolution Continues Centre-Left

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