Here follows a list of senior officers serving with the King's Loyal Washingtonian Armed Forces (KLWAF). This includes those holding the rank of colonel (Col.) and above in the Army; those holding the rank of commander (CDR) in the Air Force and those holding the rank of commander (Cdr.) in the Navy. Many ranks are inactive due to the small size of the Armed Forces during peacetime, and are consequently not occupied and do not appear here.

Washingtonian Army

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Position Photo Incumbent
Commanding General of the Army Gen. Arthur Rose
Commander, North Island Infantry Division Brig. James MacGuy
Commander, South Island Infantry Division Brig. Isaac Washington
Commander, Army Reserve Command Brig. George Armistead
Commander, Army Procurement and Acquisitions Command Brig. Franklin Daniels
Commander, Army Health and Support Services Command Brig. Callum Leander
Commander, King's Loyal House Regiment Col. Vincent Dillon
Commander, Fields Infantry Brigade Col. Adam Forest
Commander, Lexington Infantry Brigade Col. Patrick Gage

Washingtonian Air Force

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Position Photo Incumbent
Commanding General of the Air Force GEN Logan du Montier
Commander, 13 Fighter Squadron CDR Michael Washington
Commander, 56 Fighter Squadron CDR Cameron Villar
Commander, 42 Helicopter Group CDR Liam Nicholas
Commander, 99 Helicopter Group CDR Alexander Lexington
Commander, 7 Airlift Squadron CDR John Woodlock
Commander, Air Force Acquisitions Command CDR Bradley Cay
Commander, Air Force Reserve Command CDR Andrew Petersen
Commander, Air Force Base Management Command CDR Christopher McDew

Washingtonian Navy

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Position Photo Incumbent
Commanding Admiral of the Navy Adm. Rhys Barby
Chief of Coast Guard Operations and Reserves Cdr. Duncan Concord
Chief of Naval Installations and Support Cdr. Charlie Nolin
Chief of Naval Intelligence Cdr. Jamie Griffes
Commander, Northern Fleet Cdr. Carl Traverse
Commander, Southern Fleet Cdr. John Connell
Commander, Capital Group Cdr. Yannick Boyewsky

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