Lixijra Dyrtroi IV
Emperor Dyrtroi giving a speech on the Riyarpi insurrection in 360 IE
Highest Emperor of the Tourr Imperium ; Great Zaal ; Guardian of Rasq
In office
August 5th, 354 IE – Term expires August 5th, 384 IE
Preceded by Drarhour Louxii II
Personal details
Born April 28, 301 IE
Barq, Tourr

Emperor Lixija Dyrtroi IV is the current leader of the Tourr Imperium. A member of the Dytroi dynasty, Imperial predecessors include Lixija II and Lixija I. His term has been marked by the continuation of the Two Centuries of Peace, interrupted only by the Riyarpi insurrection of 360, which was quickly crushed by Imperial forces. A Narhour nationalist, he embraces the Xijhour faith, and has built up military forces to prevent future rebellions against Tourr rule.




Assasination Attempts

Like most Emperors of the Tourr Imperium, Dyrtroi has been subject to several assassination attempts. On May 8, 360 IE, Ryq Xyxy, an insurgent of the Riyarpi insurrection, fired a shot from a superconducting shotgun at the official during a press conference in the Imperial Palace, having entered a maintenance hall disguised as an engineer. He attacked from a duct located above the Emperor, after which he was apprehended by members of the Imperial Guard of Tourr. A computer programming oversight caused the electromagnetic security system, which scanned guests of the Imperial Palace, to fail in recognizing the weapon's unusual shape and structure, which did not match that of standard-issue shotguns. Furthermore, the assailant was able to achieve unusual mental focus, avoiding a detection from the Neural Security Scanner installed.

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