Llanfair, Officially The Republic Of Llanfair is a microstate in the center of europe. Bordered by Switzerland in the West and Austria in the East. Its area reaches a total of 160 square kilometers and the estimated population is 35,000. It is the smallest yet richest European country, with an unemployment rate of 0% because of the Llanfair Workers Agreement (LWA).

Llanfair, The only country situated completely in the alps has an totalitarian style government, Headed by a Supreme Leader. The country is divided in 3 districts. Much of the Terrain is mountainous but the some of the North,South and East is flat making it agricultural areas of the country. Llanfair is not part of the European Union, The Schengen Area, or the European Economic Area in contrary to most of Europe.

History Edit

Pre Revolution

Llanfair was created by a revolution in 2015 due to the fall of Liechtenstein. Llanfair often refers to Liechtenstein as The Old World. Liechtenstein as a country was quite different, as it had a Democratic Government, and was in the European Economic Area and the Schengen Area. It officially spoke German and was quite popular by tourist because of the excellent ski slopes in the country.


The Great Revolution was led by visionaries Niels Blokker, Daan Appelman, Adelain "Addy" Dalmeijer and Jurre Piet. They started out in The Netherlands, owning a small company called Blue Badger, Eventually they accumulated enough money in Early 2015 that they could run a country, they made a plan to conquer Liechtenstein. In the summer of 2015 they executed their plan and took Liechtenstein to themselves. To not raise suspicion of Europe, They created a false epidemic Difam. They made a worldwide broadcast on national TV that this extremely contagious and dangerous virus would spread further if people would enter the country, so they closed of the whole country. They blackmailed the Ex prince Hans-Adam II to falsely update the world about the current status, so nobody outside the country would know about the change in Government.

Post Revolution and Current Days

Nowadays Llanfair still lies in the mystery of the epidemic as the people of the world were led to believe that the antidote will be finished in 2025. Because the world would get suspicious after 2025, The government created the 10 Year Plan. In this plan they mean to increase the population to gather an army larger than the US. To gather this population, They advertise Reproduction and Contraceptives are Banned, Meaning to create a baby boom. To house these new families they create special areas in cities to make massive tenements. Conscription is also active having youth of 18 serve the army for at least a year.

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