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--Bona al la encycla lorica.



  1. si (if)
  2. is (then)
  3. sis (else)


  1. si por (for)
  2. si ti (while) (as long as)
  3. sis ti (as soon as)



  1. a (and - unspecific)
  2. o (or - unspecific)
  3. de (of) (possession) (categorization)


  1. ae or a ae (and - inclusive) (but) (yet) (also)[1]
  2. au or a au (and - exclusive (logical intercept))[2]
  3. oae or o ae (or - inclusive (logical union))[3]
  4. oau or o au (or - exclusive or)[4]
  5. daea (group)[5]
  6. de daea (is part of) (categorization)[6]


  1. Combination of 'a' with '-ae'
  2. Combination of 'a' with '-au'
  3. Combination of 'o' with '-ae'
  4. Combination of 'o' with '-au'
  5. Combination of 'de' with 'ae'
  6. As in 'A is a member of B'; Combination of 'de' with 'dae'



  1. de (than)[1]
  2. -u (-er)[2]
  3. -eu (-est)[3]
  4. sta (same)
  5. desta or dessta (different)


  1. u de (more than)
  2. ...-u de... (more... than...)
  3. desin de (less than)
  4. desin... de... (less... than...)
  5. de... de... (as... as...)
  6. deau (just as)[4]
  7. deau... de... (just as... as...)[5]
  8. de u de (as much as)[6]
  9. desu (little; opposite of much)
  10. de desu de (as little as)
  11. u (much)[7]
  12. eu (most)[8]
  13. la ...-u (the more...) (the ...-er)[9]
  14. la ...-eu (the most...) (the ...-est)[10]


  1. 'de' has other meanings too
  2. attach to end of a normal word to comparative it
  3. attach to end of a normal word to superlative it
  4. Combination of 'de' and '-au'
  5. Combination of 'deau' and 'de... de...'
  6. Combination of 'de... de...' and '-u'
  7. Derivative of '-u'; standalone word
  8. Derivative of '-v'; standalone word
  9. Combination of 'la' and word with '-u' attached
  10. Combination of 'la' and word with '-v' attached

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