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—  Royal Lewes City  —
London and Newhaven City
London City.jpg
London collage
Nickname(s): Square Mile
Motto: Das thwo yior
London and Newhaven City Map.png
Map of London in Northern England, Meridian and Wessen.
Incorporated 43 AD
Named for City of Culture
Government Capital City
 - Type County Council, Capital City
 - Mayor Boris Johnson (Better Meridian)
 - Meridian Parliament 74 constituencies
 - European Parliament London constituencies
 - Regional Assembly London Assembly
Population (2009)
 - Total 290,000
Time zone GMT East (UTC0)
Postal Code LC\LE\LW\LS\LN
Goverment ID 1
Vehicle registration LD

London (Lyndow) is the capital of the Meridian. It is the largest city in the Meridian and 2nd in the Europe. London has powers of the Meridian. The Royal Brough lives in London and has been serving the Meridian in Buckingham Palace.

What started life as a simple hamlet has now grown to a huge city with 67,006,600 residents. Much of Tower Hamlets, City and Winstree districts are famous World Herantage Sities. Over 34,607 travel to London every day with its advanced network of rail. Also the London Transport, transports 456,954,345 people every week.



When Romans invaded the UK, Londouim was founded as a unknown hamlet. It has replaced Colchester (51 (N.E) miles away from London) as its capital in 100AD. The hamlet was nicknamed New Camulodunum. A castle was built in bank of the River Thames and was called Londouim Castle but it is now called Tower of London.

Anglo - Saxons

After the fall of the Romans, Londouim ceased to exist. Around 500AD, an Anglo - Saxon tow
Londonuim and Lyndow map

Map of Londouim and Lyndow

n called Lyndow which is the Mariden name of London. Lyndow was the center of London (now called The City). Slightely to the east, was the old Londouim. City walls were built whithn Lyndow and London. A monument of the Old Londouim was placed (which is now the A10 Aldgate Roundabout). A new Mayor was annonced for the old Londouim. Londonuim was named Ywlerj. In 950AD, Lyndow grew so fast to become a city. Lyndow and Tywdjoa (North London) merdged to make Yew Lyndow.

By the 11th centuary, Wylrajrdow (Winchester) is the main capital of the Anglo - Saxons but Lyndow was the new capital. The Ralamrorja Castle (Tower of London) was the base of Lyndows base. 


Lyndow Westminster Abbey Middle Ages

The old Westminster Abbey

Following the victory of Battle of Ojurwt (Hastings)

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