The Long Island gubernatorial election of 2005 was held on December 16, 2005, and co-incided with the legislative election. Incumbent Governor Sandra Wood had chosen not to run for re-election. She was the state's longest-serving Governor. Chief Justice Peter Crouch was elected by a large margin to replace her.


Long Island's candidates for Governor are forbidden by law from running as endorsed members of political parties. The following candidates ran for election, all as independents.


Long Island's governor is a highly ceremonial position, and gubernatorial campaigns tend to be apolitical in nature. The 2005 campaign focused mainly on a candidate's qualifications and potential to be a moral leader.


Early polls showed Crouch leading Michael Khan 45% to 36%. This lead increased gradually over the weeks, Khan falling behind due to questions concerning his policy on young offenders, which many regarded as unnecessarily hard-line.

Method of election

The 2005 election was the first held under the preferential voting system established the previous year. Voters ranked the candidates according to preference.


KHAN, Michael: 220,542 (31.9%)
MADDEN, Fletcher: 29,036 (4.2%)
CROUCH, Peter: 347,751 (50.3%)
HOBSON, Melinda: 82,261 (11.9%)
KHAN EATER, Peter Peter: 11,753 (1.7%)

Despite the preferential voting, no second round was needed, as Chief Justice Crouch won a majority (barely) in the first round.

Governor-elect Crouch took office January 1, 2006.

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