David Francis Severit
Baron of Lockhurst
David Severit
Reign: 18 May 1878-22 June 1903
Coronation: 20 August 1878
Predecessor: Lord Francis Severit
Successor: Lord William Severit
Consort: Elizabeth Cadence Knowlton
Issue: William Francis, Jonathan David, Peter Thomas, Elizabeth Ann, Henry Richard, Nancy Rose, James David
House: House of Severit
Father: Lord Francis Severit
Mother: Rebecca Marie Miller
Birth: 19 April 1831
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Death: 22 June 1903
Deathplace: Clancy, Lockhurst

Lord David Francis Severit, Baron of Lockhurst (19 April 1831-22 June 1903) was the head of state and government of the Barony of Lockhurst from 1878 until his death. The son of the founder of the Barony, he served as the second Baron after his father's death. He used his position to modernize the tiny nation and encourage the use of environmentally friendly methods in contemporary industries. He is hailed as the "Grandfather of the Green Movement" by environmentalists.

Early Life

Born on 19 April 1831 in Boston, Massachusetts to Francis Edward Severit and the former Rebecca Marie Miller. David spent his earliest years in Boston as the son of a prominent young lawyer. By 1836, he was being privately tutored in French, grammar, arithmetic, history, and science at home, excelling at his studies despite his young age. However, three weeks before his seventh birthday, he was uprooted from this luxurious life when the Severits moved to Lockhurst Farm in Vermont. Although he continued to be education in a wide range of subjects by excellent teachers, he was also assigned daily chores. The first few years at the farm were difficult for everyone, but after the first few months, David flourished in the crisp Vermont air. He grew strong and continued to excel at his studies, which progressed to higher maths, Latin, physics, and philosophy by 1843.

When his father became the Baron of Lockhurst in 1845, little changed for the Severit family. However, his father was able to hire a former college professor from Harvard, Dr. Samuel Mendelson, to complete David's higher education between 1846 and 1849. He left the Barony in July 1849 to study at Harvard, not to seek a degree, but to complete a well-rounded education. He returned the following year, though, to teach in the newly built school in Clancy.

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