Lord Tadpole

Lord William Tadpole in 1853.

Governor of the Commonwealth         of the Kruz Islands

                1846 - 1854

Monarch : Queen Victoria

Predecessor : none, new office

Successor : Baron Bumblebee

Personal Details :

Birth date : 5 May 1789 

Birth place : Portsmouth, England

Death : 20 january 1854 in Fort Tadpole, now Honga City, Kruz Islands

Profession : Public Servant

Spouse : Augusta Tadpole

Lord William Reginald Augustine Tadpole (born 5 May 1789 -  died 20 January 1854)  is a British politician and public servant.

He is famous for being the first Governor of the Commonwealth of the Kruz Islands, from 1846 to 1854.

He died tragically in the Fort Tadpole Fire, in what is now Honga City.

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