The Loyal Government is the rule for all the elvish countries. The government works in provinces, but still haves one supreme leader. This type of rule has many adversary groups and other kind of rebellion operations. The elven countries that would not allow the Loyal Government would have no support for economy nor anything else. The country would fall into madness.

Leadership and system

Not everything is as bad as it sounds. The Loyal Government has though it reputation, worked fair and good within those countries who accept it's government. All countries has right to have their own represantive spokesman. The election for new spokeman is every fifth year. These spokesman is the one who convinces the supreme leader due to what he desires. The meetings takes place in Lusco, which is the capital of Bego. The supreme leader election is every 11th year, execpt the Re-elect precent goes over 79%. The Re-elect system works that people who doesnt like the current supreme leader, sends a Re-elect mail to the major department in Lusco for a new election. If this Re-elect goes over 79%, the current leader has to retire and a new election is held.

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