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Luminaire Boulevard
NCR Route 1
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Route information
Length: 42 mi (68 km)
Major junctions
West end: Broker state line
  I-999 in Broker Heights
I-99 in Merriweather
Peatree Parkway in Peatree City
The Tonway in Tonway
East end: Intima state line

Luminaire Boulevard is a major arterial street in Luminaire, Atlion, and is nearly 42 miles long. It is signed NCR Route 1 along its entire length. The east-west boulevard divides the city into northern and southern halves, between 1st Street North and 1st Street South. It splits the Commons, with the majority of the parkland to the south of the boulevard, and Capitol Plaza directly to the north.

Public transportation includes MTA's Luminaire Boulevard Line subway, which runs beneath Luminaire for most of its length. The subway starts in the Cathedral Park neighborhood and extends through center city to Parker Mills Road in Clinton to the east of the city.