Luna Island
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Map of Ivalice.png
Location of Koiwai in Ivalice
Country 22x20px Ivalice
State 22x20px Califia
Counties Luna Norte County and Luna Sur County
Named for Luna
County Seats Ciudad Luna and Oceanfront
Population (2008)
 - Total 1,523,843
 - Est. (Q4 2011) 1,701,500
 - Demonym Luni
Time zone Atlantic Standard Time (UTC-4)
 - Summer (DST) Atlantic Daylight Time (UTC-3)
ME Code CA624-CA640
Regional Telephone Code 921

Luna Island, commonly called Luna, is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of northern Califia, along the Santa Maria Channel in Ivalice. It is the second largest island in size and population in the Republic of Ivalice, after the main island of Ivalice itself.


Politics and Government

Luna is subdivided into two counties in the State of Califia, Luna Norte County and Luna Sur County. The largest city on the island, Ciudad Luna, is the county seat of Luna Norte County, and the Town of Oceanfront is the county seat of Luna Sur County. Luna enjoys considerable influence in the State Legislature, and sends the largest delegation of any area in the state other than the Ivalion metropolitan area.