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The Luna Space Program was a program carried out by the Europa Space Agency to get a man on the moon. This program was in competition with NASA. Beginning in 1963, scientists worked for many years on it. Luna 9 was the final mission in this program and was succeded by the Habitas Program in the 1980s.

Luna 1

In 1965 the Luna 1 probe was sent to the moon. This unmanned probe orbited the moon and took pictures and other information. This probe still orbits the moon.

Luna 2

Luna 2 (1967) was a probe meant to land on the moon, but miscalculations sent it crash-landing on the surface. Pieces of Luna 2 were found by later missions and collected.

Luna 3

Luna 3 (later that year) was able to land an unmanned probe on the moon's surface. Luna 3 took pictures traveled for 300 miles before losing contact with the command center.

Luna 4

On Luna 4 (October 1969), Astronauts Guglielmo Conti and Victor Jankovic became the first Europan men on the moon. They collected rock samples and took pictures. They were only on the moon for 3 hours.

Luna 5

Luna 6

Luna 7

Luna 8

The Luna 8 mission of 1982 did an extensive mapping of the lunar surface. Carried out over several hours, astronauts used cameras to take detailed surface pictures.

Luna 9

The Luna 9 mission of 1984 was an extensive mission for collecting rocks, soil and other lunar objects. The mission was able to gather up pieces of the failed Luna 2 of 1967.

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