The Lxung language is the general term for two languages spoken in Lxungion:

Mxaitja, used for formal purposes and in written form. It is the official language of Lxungion and the language used by the government. The language has been preserved extremely well since it was first recorded in written form, although it has gained many loanwords.

Orswõ is the spoken form for informal purposes. Orswõ and Mxaitja becan as the same language, but Orswõ became the spoken form. It was influenced by Arabic, French, and Spanish at different times, so that it is sometimes understandable to Spanish speakers.

The differences between the languages are so that they appear unrelated. The Global Treaty Organization uses Lxung as one of its official languages, but it does not specify Mxaitja or Orswõ, although Orswõ has rarely been used.

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