Lyngese Electoral State
Ryblykăstfo Keśłyṅăxẋăťajo (Lyngese)
Linqqas Yacuuheqer Taaqas (Torvan)
Liŋveþ Jazðemeþ Hejmaha (Zuwian)
Location of Lynga in Rathnaes
Capital Jadhosulu
Largest Largest City Stisivi
Ethnic groups 84% Lyngese
9% Torvan
4% Zuwian
3% Other
Demonym Lyngese
Government Presidential State
Thoqisi Ustazha
Thtrashto Ohargha
• Estimate
26,000,000 (15th)
Currency antha

The Lyngese Electoral State (Lyngese: Ryblykăstfo Keśɫyṅăxẋăťajo, IPA: [rɨblɨkəstfo kɛʃɫɨŋədzʤəθajo]), commonly referred to as Lynga, is a country on the northernmost portion of the continent Rathnaes. It is bordered to the south by Athimriss, Zuwia, and Mesemyu; and it shares a maritime border with Mecezu. It has a population of roughly 26 million, with almost 75% of them living in the southeastern corner of the country, just north of Athimriss. It has an approximate land area of 1.087 million square miles (1.116 million square miles, if Lynga's many lakes are included) , making it the largest country in the world by area.  Its capital is Jadhosulu, and its largest city is Stisivi.

For much of its history, Lynga tended to be a fraction collection of minor states before they were finally unified into one kingdom under Resku II of Silmasno. Much of the sparsely-peopled northern area of the country is only nominally under Lyngese control, with the native Torvans having very little interaction with their nominal Lyngese rulers. Since becoming unified, Lynga has fluctuated back and forth between hereditary monarchies and electoral forms of government, with both Athimriss and Mesemyu often becoming involved.