MA4 Aegis Heavy Armor
Aegis Heavy Armor
An Aegis exosuit
Type Mechanized Exosuit
Place of origin Flag of Interex Interex
Service history
In service 2009 - Present
Used by Interex Security Forces
Wars N/A
Production history
Designer Scorpio Arms Corporation
Designed 1997 - 2008
Manufacturer Gemini Electronic Engineering
Unit cost $23.94 million (₢6.84 million)
Produced 2008
Number built 1,648
Weight 48.3 tonnes
Length 4 feet
Width 8.3 feet
Height 15 feet
Crew 1 (pilot)

Armor 1.2-inch tritium-alloy exoskeleton
2 x Hughes M230 Chain Guns
Engine 1 x Fusion Power Generator (type unknown)
Speed 40 mph
The MA8 Aegis Heavy Armor is an mechanized exosuit produced by the nation of Interex. Like so much of their technology, the Aegis Heavy Armor is rarely seen outside their borders, and are typically used during patrol missions in the mountains of the Himalayas that protect Interex from the outside world. They are best known for their role in leading the attacks of the Interex Armored Infantry, which spearhead assaults for the Interex Security Forces, who employ them. Nearly three times the height of an average man, the Aegis is the pinnicle of exosuit technology as far as the Interex see it.

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