Type Limited Liability
Founder(s) George Fatkeen aka Prince Michael I Ginger
Headquarters Lagya, Principality of Holy Cross
Products MJSRobots
Services MJDesign, MJSMobile
Owner(s) Prince Michael I Ginger
Employees 10.000
Parent MWStudios Group
Website http://www.mjstudios.hc

MJStudios was founded on the 28th of September 2045AB by Prince Michael I Ginger under assumed name - George Fatkeen.


MJSRobots (MJStudios Robots) has been created as a part of MJStudios, whose mission is to build and design helpful robots.

In the RX laboratory (MJStudios HQ underground) MJStudios Robots "X-team" is working on build robots of the future, which was secret, before GYTV (Grand Yanite Krado TV) wanted to see the underground, and Prince Michael I let them do that.

Now the scientists from the robots section are working on the NXTDay and NXTEarth projects. NXTDay is about the future of the robotics, meaning RoboButler or RoboNanny. NXTEarth is about the "After Earth Life" - about 1000 scientists from MJStudios RX and many, many others are working on build an Artificial Planet - an earth-like formation, which will be able to go away from sun, when the Big Bang will come. Everyone can access it by http://robots.mjstudios.hc or http://mjsrobots.hc website.


MJDesign is a service, which offers designing (projecting) and creating websites. It's a company, so this is a paid process... But it's worth the price! It has been created as independent service, and started collaboration with MJStudios after two years of independent activity. When the owner of MJD died, Prince Michael I heard that he saved him MJDesign in his Inheritance. This way, MJDesign became one of the services offered by MJStudios Company. You can find it under  and http://mjdesign.hc  websites.


MJSMobile (MJStudios Mobile) is a mobile service offered by MJStudios. In a large simplification- MJSMobile is service, which offers availability of other services by mobile devices (eg. Tablets, Phones).

Everyone can access it by http://m.mjstudios.hc/lang[1]or http://lang.mmjstudios.hc[2]


  1. lang is a language code, eg. for Polish the address is m.mjstudios.hc/pl and for English - http://m.mjstudios.hc/en
  2. lang is a language code, eg. for Polish the address is pl.mmjstudios.hc and for English - http://en.mmjstudios.hc