MWStudios Group
Type Limited Liability
Founder(s) Prince Michael I Ginger
Headquarters Lagya, Principality of Holy Cross
Services MJStudios Company, MJTravel Company
Owner(s) Prince Michael I Ginger
Employees 10.000
Parent none
Website http://www.mwstudios.hc

MWStudios Group has been founded on the 15th of July 2057AB by Prince Michael I as the parent company for MJStudios and MJTravel Companies.

It is the main management center of all MJStudios and MJTourism services. It's HQ is the most guarded company building in Holy Cross. MWStudios HQ:

MWStudios HQ

MWStudios Group HQ

MWStudios Group Hierarchy

MWStudios Group:

  • MJStudios Company:
    • MJSRobots
    • MJDesign

  • MJTravel Company:
    • MJTourism
    • MJBoating
    • MJFlights