Welcome to Maea, otherwise known as Thaelia.

Maea is a habitable moon, which is heated through tidal dissipation. It has conditions vastly similar to Earth, except for the high average temperatures, atmospheric density, the higher levels of oxygen. Maea has twice the biomass of Earth; Maea contains 1.3 trillion trees, 3.1 trillion ferns (including waxy ferns), 2.4 billion algal mats, and 5.73 quadrillion non-archaeplastid species.

Maea has a single supercontinent (which is slowly breaking apart), which has a large peninsula (Tanku ikki-ikki) and two major archipelagos (Heilokuiiti kawaii and Swi, respectively). The two hemispheres are separated by a massive mountain range, snow and ice from its peaks melt to form a drainage basin (which is an inland sea) supplying nearby rivers with fresh water, this maintains the moisture of the continent, allowing rainforests to populate even the interior of the continent. The polar regions are covered by seasonal forests, conifers, and tundra.

Life here arrived in a single migrational wave (during the middle to late Triassic), it is divided into two (sometimes three) primary stages; during the first stage simple plants appeared, as well as algae, fungi and other microorganisms, during the second stage non-flowering vascular plants appeared, followed by the arrival of small animals.

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