Magic is a tricky subject, there are multiple types of magic in the world of Daoine. The main categories that magic calls into are Internal and External Magic. While there are other schools of magic, as well as magic that can be practiced solely by one race, they all fall into one of the two categories.

External Magic

External magic is the only form of magic a human Mage can perform, Hybrids and the Gypsie race, however, are excluded from this rule. They must draw magic from one of two directions: Above or Below. Drawing from Above means the Mage is pulling down forces from one of the three realms that exist skyward, including the realm of the gods. Drawing from below means the Mage, or in most cases, the "Kindred" Warlock, is pulling up forces from one of the three realms that exist downward, including the realm of demons.

Internal Magic

Internal magic is performed by Kindred and the human Gypsies. It draws power from inside one's self and uses their own inborn reservoir of magic energy, called Mana.

Paths of the Gods

Race-Based Magic

Spell Components

Verbal Component

Many spells require the caster to speak certain words, or, in the case of a bard, create music, to cast a spell. Being prevented from speaking, such as a gag, or effects that remove sounds, such as certain magical effects, makes it impossible for a caster to cast such a spell. A deafened caster may fail when casting a spell, by misspeaking, which causes the spell to be lost.

Somatic Component

Many spells require the caster to make a motion to cast the spell. If the caster is unable to make the correct motion, the spell cannot be cast. Wearing armor or using a shield interferes with the somatic components of arcane spells, creating a risk of spell failure. Bards and some other arcane classes can cast spells in light armor without this risk.

Material Components

Casting a spell often requires that the caster sacrifice some sort of material component. Often, these components are virtually worthless, but some spells, such as spells to reanimate the dead, require material components. If a caster is unable to access or use the correct spell component, the spell cannot be cast.

Magical Focus

Alternatively, casting a spell may require that the caster have access to a holy symbol or other special object, to focus on when casting the spell. This is mostly true for divine spells.

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