Magic' or Asaerdeck' as it is called by the Sages, is on Haddashall is a complicated power that can only be used by Gifted Ones. However, there was a time when all men were Gifted, but they despised the Gift and it left them.


Varna is also called Water Magic, and for good reason. All the power in v'arna comes form moisture. The process in drawing the water out of the air, however, is not as simple as it might seem. Hassandor'fillaon, as it is called by the Sages, is as complex a scientific process as is programming a supercomputer. As I have previously stated, magic can only be channeled by Gifted Sages. Therefore the process of magic is incomprehensible by mere humans. Famous v'arna mages include -

  • A'andun Dathor - Born in the Age of Rebirth, he anhilliated most of the Darkspawn who had migrated to Haddashall from their homeworld of Graskal.
  • Lady Alaradress Grimsword - As well as being Queen of the Highborn in the last years of the Age of the Dragons Coming, she slew the first and last of the Great Dragons, Tharkear Worldbreaker.

Conjuring a Fire Snake

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