Intangible creatures that can supposedly inhabit Electros owing to their huge resistances to heat.


According to a report by a Curodian scientist, Magma Spirits are 'unsubstantial pyro - based organisms'. Supposedly, they are as imperceptable as a gas. At their more advanced levels of evolution, the report says, the organisms are 'capable of controlled movement, and also of communication'. At their weakest state, they 'have no control over personal movements, have no detectable brain activity and no consciousness whatsoever'.

Magma spirits were percieved by the scientist to be a collection of gases that can resist the phenomenal temperatures given off by the various points in Electros. The reactions between them, perhaps as a result of high levels of Nuclear Fusion between high massed elements, have caused the gases to group together and form what could be described as a living being. The gases are most likely partially visible.

Over time, it was stated, the gases will slowly react with each other, forming an intangible version of cells. These cells will then be able to undergo mitosis and meiosis, developing the life form.

The reason that the creature is unaffected by the intense heat is supposedly because the gases involved have already undergone the highest levels of nuclear fusion possible at this level of heat. This means that they cannot react any further with each other. They have also been forced into the matter state that can remain in the heat.

If they are visible, as the report suggests, then it is likely that they would take a long, snakelike shape so that they can move quickly through the heat, perhaps with wings so that they can move around more easily.

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