Magna Aureliana Galaxias (MAG) is fictional universe created in 2012. MAG covers history of human race from very first written records throught middle ages and modern era to galactic colonization and even after that. The main (home) planet is called Styr, so its not the mankind we know. Its only human universe so you can find no aliens, no other sentient beings or similar stuff.


The main setup is about Styr Empire and its Imperial Space Navy. The galaxy is divided by Colonial Wars to many independent systems, but it is slowly dominated by Styr Empire. There are no exaggeratedly futuristic technologies like phasers, transporters, cloaking devices. Just good old cannons (both projectile and pulse) in gun turrets and casemates. There is an extensive use of rockets and torpedoes too.

It's planned to cover all history of Styrans, from begining of ages to year 4500.


The main author and copyright holder is Petr Losert. The project is currently looking contributors, especially for artists. If someone is interested and (s)he can draw nice pictures (humans, spaceships, cities, planets, animals, maps or medieval, antique, modern, futuristic themes), (s)he can join the project here.

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