Founded 1984 (as Magnitour)
Commenced operations 1994
• International Airport Manuel Crecencio Rejon
• International Airport Benito Juarez
•Monterrey International Airport
Airport lounge Magniport
Fleet size 112
Slogan La Aerolinea Turistica de México
Parent company Pan Am Airlines


Key people Luis Bojorquez

Website [1]  


It all started in the 80's when the brothers started their business bojorquez "Magnitour" success led them to open their airline called Magnicharters, in 1995 Pan Am Airlines returns from bankruptcy so to avoid bankruptcy again buy Magnicharters 96%, with the other 4% are opened Kukulcan Airways (now independent), thanks to the events with Pan Am, Magnicharters grew while its flights to Europe began in 2006, the success carried Magnicharters secured to russia in 2011, is currently one of the largest airlines in america.


Boeing 737-300:7


Magnicharters a plane way quito


  • City of México
  • Monterrey(México)
  • Mérida(México)
  • Cancun(México)
  • Huatulco(México)
  • Puerto Vallarta(México)
  • Ixtapa(México)
  • Los Cabos(México)
  • Mazatlan(México)

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