Mahmed Fahad Sahla El-Ubayyid
Born 19th December 1969
El-Tor, South Sinai, Egypt
Nationality East Saharan
Alma mater University of Cairo
Occupation CEO and Founder of Ubayyid Industries and MotaKun
Years active 8 (2004 - Current)
Religion Sunni Islam
Spouse(s) Ninya Al Dowef
Children Ashrad Fahad Sahla El-Ubayyid
Mahmed El-Ubayyid is a East Saharan entreupeneur, and founder of the umbrella company, Ubayyid Industries.


Mahmed Fahad El-Ubayyid was born to a working class family in El-Tor on the 19th December 1969, (which was then Egypt). During his school years Mahmed showed a skill for mechanics and finance, so much so that he gained a scholarship for Cairo University, where he studied Economics and Business Studies. Once he graduated he gained a finance job with the Orascom Group in 1990, and moved quickly up the ranks until in 1999 he left, with dreams of starting his own corporation. El-Ubayyid set up Ubayyid Construction in 2004, which has grown ever since, and is now (2012) the largest company in Eastern Sahara.