Majiku or Magic, is the name humans give to the Ancient Alien practice of technological manipulation. The Ancient's were so technologically advanced that they, in a sense, essentially created what humans know as magic, the ability to manipulate the universe through harnessing its energy. This technology was widely used, and it is believed that the ancients had strict laws on its use. It is also believed that the insignias adorning most ancient structures are to do with Majiku.

Majiku can be used by many humans who have had the training in it using reverse engineered devices which were originally created by the ancients. Many planetary governments have strict laws on its use, however powerful illegal Majiku is used by the dark underworld of society and available through the black market. Most common Majiku uses include combat and investigation, however it is also sometimes used for healing. Limited levels of Majiku are awarded to trained users. 

Majiku was first used by humans upon their arrival in in the region of space in the 23rd century, and it has become a major scholarly attribute. Major use however, did not begin until the 27th century. 


Jumon, are specific powers that use Majiku to manipulate the universe in a certain way. They can be learned from Jumon Tomes which are copies of ancient inscriptions that contain the Jumon. Jumon Tomes can be aquired from Jumon Merchants, or can be found across the Known Universe's many ancient ruins. Most of those which are sold are copies of ancient inscriptions. 

Known Jumon

  • Allure - Become irresistable to a target of the bearer's choice for a short time. 
  • Electrobolt - Creates a bolt of electricity to fire at enemies or other objects to destroy or electrecute them. 
  • Entice - Causes the target to become obsessed with the user for a short time, either to distract or enthuse,
  • Firebolt - Creates a bolt of electricity to fire at enemies or other objects to destroy or set them alight. 
  • Fireball - Create a ball of fire to target at the bearer's enemies or other objects to destroy them. 
  • Heal - Heals minor wounds, however is a very large power drain. 
  • Lanternlight - Create a hovering red light that lasts for a short period of time. 
  • Majiku Drain - Drain another Majiku users power for the bearer's use. 
  • Sleep - Causes the target to fall unconcious. 
  • Telekenisis - Move an item, or hover it, nearer or cast it away. 

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