Companies in the Union of Eastern States

Media and Entertainment:

  • ACB - American Century Broadcasting
  • America Post - National Newpapaer
  • Capital Records - Music Recording Company
  • Eagle Films - Films Production
  • INAAB - Ilfornia, Nadeve, Atuh and Azarona Broadcasting Company


  • Andreas Insurance Services
  • Bank of Andreas - Insurance, Savings and Current Accounts
  • Eastern Central Bank - Insurance, Savings and Current Accounts
  • State Ranch Insurance

Technology, Research and Electrical:

  • ACME Electrical - Home Appliances.
  • General Electricals Corporation - Household Appliances, TV's, Radios etc..
  • PEPCONN Aerospace - Defense Contractor, Space Flight and Research

Transport and Automotives:

  • Jupiter Motor Corporation
  • NTS - National Transport Services - Trains, Buses, Metro.
  • Tuscan Motors 

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