Estes Makatan and Sea Territories
Holon: Estes Makatan Kis ena Oraran
Motto: Visen tiek lo parka sint (Pray and you will find hope)
Capital Monlon
Largest city Liker
Official languages Holon
Ethnic groups (517CU)

94% Estes
3% Kinsek
1% Kakteris

2% Other
Demonym Molstis
Government Flawed Democracy
• Si'e (Prime Minister)
Diziren Mik
Establishment Estes Makatan
• Census
Currency None
 Makatan, officially Estes Makatan and Sea Territories (Holon: Estes Makatan Kis ena Oraran), is the second most populous, and newest country of the Kines Nation. It has a population of over 3.2 million, and borders Likatan to the South, Kinsa and Kakatikira to the West, and the ocean to the North and East.

It shares the Kines Island, and also has 10 small islands. They are West Mien (Mienla), Elmien, Koko and the Isra Cluster (Israshi).