1986 Communist Manchuria flag 1990
Manchurian Constituent Assembly Election 1990
98 seats needed for a majority in the Constituent Assembly
27th January 1990
Turnout: 69.3%
First Party Second Party
Jin Pai Nai election Qing Hongshu
Leader Jin Pai Nai Qing Hongshu
Party Popular Front Communist Party
Leader since 1990 1989
Leader's seat Wuchang Aihui
Seats won
136 / 195
59 / 195
Manchu election map (contituences) 1991 (1)

A general election for the Constituent Assembly in the Manchu People's Republic took place on the 27th January 1990 to elect representatives to draft a new constitution. Voting took place in districts formally used to elect 195 delegates in the previously 685-seated People's Supreme Assembly which dissolved under Executive Order 155.6F on the 13th December 1989. It was the first genuinely democratic election for the Manchurian legislature which was formally a rubber stamping body that was controlled by the Communist Party of Manchuria.

The election was mainly fought between the Popular Front for Democracy and Revolution, a big tent electoral coalition of multiple opposition groups (most prominently the Minzhudang, Manzuxiehui and Korean People's Party) and the ruling Communist Party. The Popular Front won in an overwhelming landslide victory with the Manzuxiehui being the largest party in the Constituent Assembly with 68 seats.


Political Parties

Party Ideology Leader Coalition
Communist Party of Manchuria Marxism-Leninism, National Communism Qing Hongshu None
Minzhudang Populism, Economic Liberalism Yu Anjiang Popular Front for Democracy and Revolution
Manzuxiehui Manchurian Nationalism, Statism Jin Pai Nai Popular Front for Democracy and Revolution
Republican Party of Manchuria Conservatism, Confucianism Deng Xuejing Popular Front for Democracy and Revolution
Social Democratic Party Social Democracy, Social Liberalism Tian Xiaosong Popular Front for Democracy and Revolution
Korean People's Party Korean minority interests Rhyu Yeo-ok Popular Front for Democracy and Revolution


Manchu constituent assembly (1990)

  Minzhudang (Popular Front): 65 seats
  Manzuxiehui (Popular Front): 68 seats
  Communist Party: 59 seats
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50 48 18 17 3 59
Party Communist Party Manzuxiehui
Popular Front
Popular Front
Leader Qing Hongshu Jin Pai Nai election
Yu Anjiang
Qing Hongshu
Jin Pai Nai
Yu Anjiang
Votes 29.5% 26.5% 24.4%
Seats 59 (30.3%) 50 (25.64%) 48 (24.62%)
59 / 195
50 / 195
48 / 195
Party Republican Party
Popular Front
Social Democratic Party
Popular Front
Popular Front
Deng Xuejing
Tian Xiaosong
Rhyu Yeo-ok
Deng Xuejing
Tian Xiaosong
Rhyu Yeo-ok
Votes 8.3% 7.2% 4.1%
Seats 18 (9.23%) 17 (8.72%) 3 (1.5%)
18 / 195
17 / 195
3 / 195


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