Marcel Treano
Marrsel Treeánne
—  State of Randesia  —
Marcel Treano
Nickname(s): The Golden State
Motto: Liber et Amici
District 18
Taifa of Mydera 1032
Kingdom of Mydera 1104
Province of Marcel Treano 1901
Current state 1955
Named for First Prime Minister of Randesia
Capital Siquay
 - Type State Legislature of Marcel Treano
 - State President Rodréxhu Llachamu Safazhez (UPSD)
 - Governor to the King Prince Mãuru IV
 - Prime Minister Lõeýsa Danasa Xezhárez
 - Total 3,761,700
Population rank 1st in Randesia
 - Demonym Treanu/Treana
Time zone +0 (UTC)
 - Summer (DST) +1 (UTC)
Postal Codes A, B, C, E(25-60)
Area code(s) 010-016,020-028 046
Vehicle registration MT

Marcél Treano is a state in Randesia. It is the most populous off al Randesian states. The capital of Randesia, Mydera, makes up most of the area and population of the state. 


Marcel Treano was the first prime minister of the Kingdom of Randesia.



Administrative division

Marcel treano consists of 

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