The Margan Party of Nalatia is one of the three major political parties in Nalatia. It is positioned on the left of the political spectrum. Under mostly Queen Marga, the Party has held the majority of seats in Parliament several times.

Creation and renaming

The Margan Party was created in 1977 under the name of the Liberal Party. It was created out of necessity; the first election was held that year, and voters needed a liberal, left-wing option. In 1991, it was renamed the Margan Party as a tribute to Queen Marga, who considered herself left-wing and almost always passed the Liberal Party's propositions.



The Margan Party is considered the left-wing party. To the right is a diagram of the Margan Party's views on social and economical issues. In general, the Margan Party believes in higher taxes (especially for the wealthy), is pro-abortion, believs in civil unions for same-sex couples, and is environmentally concerned.

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