Maria Julia Walker (b. 29 March 1969) is the wife of Oliver Walker, president of Moore. She is a strong advocate against gun control, and is for the right to bear arms.

She was born to Max Harold, a plumber, and Dorothy Harold.

Originally Maria Julia Harold, she met Oliver in 1992, and married in October of 1994. From 1988 to 1995 she worked as a secretary, but since 1995 she has been a housewife.

She has two children, Ella Maria Walker, and Jack Andrew Walker, aged 19 and 17 respectively.


  • LGBT rights - Yes
  • LGBT marriage - No
  • Nuclear weapons - No
  • Nuclear Energy - Yes
  • Abortion - No
  • Gun control - No
  • Freedom of speech - Yes
  • Freedom of religion - Yes
  • Freedom of press - No
  • Marijuana legalization - No
  • Sex age - 18
  • Voting age - 18
  • Alcohol age - 21
  • Smoking age - 21

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