Maridian Languge Map

Map of Maridian Language speakers

Maridien is a languge, most comonly spoken in Meridian and New South Wales which is a overseas terortoriy. 

The Maridien languge relates to the Anglo Saxons. It was mordernized in 1744 with more vowels. Maridian has 455,934 speakers making it the 19th least poplar languge.

Simple words

Word - in english Maridian Prononucation
Hello Hakj Hey-Klck-Gt
Goodbye Ywyrjay Ew-Ewy-Klck-Ja-Gt
And Atj An-tj
Why Yjuah Y-jah-as-st
Hi Uj U-gee
Because Jilijuwer J-ill-gue-wor-er
Yes Ykj Yew-Kck-Jay
No Nrj Non-Rar-Jay
So Saw Sa-ha
The De De
House Hoywo Ho-hey-woy


English Maridian
Hello, how are you? Hakj, lwa tae yew?
Yes, I want that. Ykj, E wgjh dta
No, I want the other (thing). Nrj, I wgjh de othae (hakj).
I hate you! E jasi yew!
London is the greatest city in the world. Lyndow tsk de gkairtga ikaita de kfiaejf.
Frogs lay spwans. Kaoslf lakr soaejkes.
France is wonderfull. Franjina tsk ofosjtisjh.
I want sandwiches! E wgjh oajriahurans!


English Maridian
London Lyndow
Chelmsford Shelajfafr
Portsmouth Poriuatakgd
Brighton Brightakdof
Reading Rkalkjamf
Welwyn Garden City Welwyn Gajrakjrjf Ikaita
Canterburry Cantaekrtrja
Watford Wjajrartford
St Albans Saint Abkairat
Colchester Charjadtarir

Public Use

Kings Cross Front

Kings Cross front, both in English and Maridien

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