Mark Mann
12th President of Gibland
In office
April 2nd, 1999 – April 2nd, 2003
Vice President Andrew Farman
Preceded by Andrew Farman
Succeeded by Peter Fortune
Personal details
BornMarch 8, 1936
Blueville, North Gibland
Political partyBlue Party
Spouse(s)Martha Mann

Mark Mann was the 12th president of Gibland, serving from 1999 to 2003.

Early Life

Mann was the last president born into divided Gibland, he was a child of a struggling medium sized family business, small Blueville restaurant chain called The Hearty Spoon. He worked in the family restaurant until he went to university.

Pre Politics

Mann attended University of Blueville taking business courses so that he could inherit the family business, he graduated and ran the family business from 1967 to 1985, when he sold it to Opp Foods Corporation, centered in Benson.


After he sold his business, he ran for mayor in Blueville, and served from 1986-1991, at which point president Maxime Baker offered him the nomination for the Purpleville University by-election constituence since the current MP there stepped down. After Baker stepped down in 1997, he appointed Mann as the interim leader of the party, and then Mann went on to win the leadership convention. And two years later was elected to a majority as president.

Personal Life

He lives in Blueville with his wife. His two children both work as executives in the Opp Tower in Benson his son John as the head financial advisor for the old family business. The Hearty Spoon

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