Mark der DDR
592px-1 Mark DDR Wertseite 800px-100-Mark-1971
1 mark coin 100 mark banknote
ISO 4217 code DDM
User(s) Deutsche Demokratische Republik
1/100 Pfennig
Symbol M
Pfennig pf
Plural Mark
Pfennig Pfennig
Freq. used 1 pf, 5 pf, 10 pf, 20 pf, 50 pf, 1 M, 2 M, 5 M
Rarely used 10 M, 20 M
Banknotes 5 M, 10 M, 20 M, 50 M, 100 M
Rarely used 200 M, 500 M
Central bank Staatsbank
Website www.staatsbankddr.dd

The Mark der DDR is the currency of DDR, denominated commonly Mark, subdivided into 100 Pfennig (Pf). The Mark der DDR is issued by the Staatsbank der DDR, the monetary authority of DDR. The ISO 4217 abbreviation is DDM.

Since 2005 the DDM is held in a floating exchange-rate system that references a basket of currencies and has allowed the DDM to fluctuate at a daily rate of up to one percent. There is a complex relationship between DDR's balance of trade, inflation, measured by the consumer price index and the value of its currency. Despite allowing the value of the DDM to "float", Staatsbank has decisive ability to control its value with relationship to other currencies.

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