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Mars is the fourth planet from Sol in the Sol System and the second smallest planet in the system. Terraformed in 2101, the second body in the system to be completed, Mars is a largely urbanised world, and is one of the major manufacturing hubs of the system, even the planet's orbit is industrialised, with vast orbital dry docks where the ships of the Colonial Navy and the various huge passenger liners are manufactured. Other, smaller ships, are manufactured on-world. Mars with its urbanism and industrialism is a stark contrast to the rich, green, tropical world of Venus. Mars' capital is Zhuhong, which is also one of the largest cities in the system.


Mars is the fourth planet orbiting Sol. Initially Mars was within danger of being pulled into the gravity well of the ignited Protostar Jupiter, however the asteroid belt took much of the grunt of Jupiter's ignition, along with its inner satellites. Mars' terraformed was completed in 2101, the second world to be settled after Venus. Due to Mars' rich mineral deposits industry began to move to the planet, with the Mokusei Mining Corporation pulling out much of the planet's minerals. Other major government sponsored corporations, such as the Yellow Sun Corporation have most of their factories on Mars aswell as the secondary industrial hub of Io. 

Mars is covered by one large continent, known as the Red Continent. The planet's major ocean covers most of the northern hemisphere below its northern Ice Cap. Mars has small ice caps. 



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