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Martin Hall is a house in Topstad that serves as the official residence and workplace of the President of Georgeland. It is named for its original owner, businessman and first President Victor Martin, who donated it to the government after his term of office concluded in 1941.
Martin Hall was constructed in 1910, and is one of the oldest buildings in Topstad. Martin used the building as his home from 1920 onwards - prior to this, it was a guest house and getaway for Martin and his family. The Governor-General of Georgeland did not use Martin Hall, as some believe; his residence from 1911 until 1929 was at Runsdale Court.
Every President since Martin has resided at Martin Hall, and the building is used to entertain and house foreign visitors as well. It is customary to recieve new ambassadors at Martin Hall, and state dinners are almost always held there.
In 2005, the building underwent restorative work. President Charlotte Lang was temporarily relocated until the work was completed in February 2006.

The incumbent Prime Minister of Georgeland, Deborah Rhodes, uses Martin Hall as a residence since she is married to Campbell Rhodes, the current president. Mrs Rhodes continues to use the Residence as her primary workplace.