Martin Marrilow (Greek: Μαρτιν Μαριλοου) was born on July 15, 1991 in Sparrow, SSS (Superior Socialist States). He was raised by parents George and Lia Marrilow. His father took office in the presidential elections after the Superior Revolution in 1999. This revolution lasted to January 2000. Marrilow's father reformed the government into a fascist government. His father was assassinated in Sault Ste. Marie in 2007, supposedly the Soo Liberation Front leader, Jim Rhodes. Lia Marrilow went to exile, and moved with her soon to Bermuda.

In Bermuda, Martin attended college at the University of Bermuda, and pretty soon took over the Bermuda when it declared independence in 2032. Martin's mother died in 2032, when she was shot by the Royal Army of Britain. Marrilow bombed the Palace of Westminster in 2033. Austria, Germany, and France aided Bermuda in 2033, when Britain went to war with Bermuda. United States, who has been sharing nukes with Germany was targeted by the British Army, but Germany bombed the Buckingham Palace, where the Queen was killed. The British surrendered and the Bermudans declared England as their territory. Germany argued they deserved territory after helping Bermuda. Martin Marrilow, who assumed the role of president of Bermuda, was contacted. He rejected the idea of Germany taking half of their territory, so Germany bombed Bermuda. Marrilow was then in exile. He was in exile in Greece. Where he spends his life.


  • Marrilow joined the Bermuda Revolutionary Army, after graduating from college with a Ph.D from the University of Bermuda. As the British threatened the army, the rejected what the British said.
  • Marrilow played the role as the captain, after Keith Mercy died from being assassinated by British forces in 2032.
  • Marrilow and German general Heinz Hitler initiated the attack on Buckingham Palace.
  • Marrilow planted a bomb on the Palace of Westminster, causing a big explosion, also destroying Big Ben.
  • Marrilow moved in as Bermuda's ruler, as he declared himself the president of Bermuda, and Germany invaded Bermuda not long after this happened.

Personal Life

Marrilow was an electrical engineer, who was good with the operations of explosives, and planned much of the bombings in the British-Bermudan Civil War. He joined and took over the Revolutionary Army. He met Maggie Adams in college and married her, and they had five children (Austin, Louis, Beth, John, Mary). Maggie left Martin in 2037, when Martin wanted to fight for Bermuda, but she was scared. So she took the children, with her, and it is unknown where she went.

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