Massoud Barzan
Mesud Barzani
1st President of Kurdistan
Assumed office
January 18, 2008
Personal details
Born16 August 1945
Mahabad, Iran
Political partyKurdish Democratic Party
ReligionSunni Islam
Massoud Barzan is the first and current President of Kurdistan. He aqirred his position January 18, 2008 when Kurdistan became its own nation and will carry out his six-year term until 2014. He has supported Kurdish Independence from Iraq since the Iran-Iraq War. His administration's challanges include the Syrian Uprising, the currently hostile Iraq to the south, and interior issues such as abuse of women's rights. He also supports both minority rights and religious freedom, being one of the only few nations to allow freedom of religion.


Following his inaguartion as President, Barzan has increased diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation, Israel, Germany, United Kingdom, and Turkey. In 2009, Barzan signed the Kurdistan-Israeli Mutual Defense Pact, which established the military protection of Kurdistan by Israel, and vice versa with Kurdistan protecting Israel from Iraq or Syria.

In 2010, Barzan signed the Russo-Kurdistan Agreement, which allowed for Kurdistan to use Russian facilities to launch satellites into space. Barzan has announced that he plans to run for reelection in the 2014 election.

Core Beliefs

When Kurdistan gained independence from Iraq, Barazan was unaminously elected as the 1st President of Kurdistan. Barazan is a strong supporter of LGBT, but due to his culture, disapproves of gay marriage. Barazan is also against abortion, and supports the Death Penalty and Torture Methods. Barazan is neutral on the aspects of stem cell research. He supports the use of weapons of mass destruction, but disapproves of radilogical, biological, or chemical weapons. He also supports equal rights, but doesn't believe in criminal rights, foreign interference, and innocent until proven guilty. He personally supports gun rights, self-defense rights, and the First Amendment.

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