Matic Oriental Republic
mt:Orieñtalos Republicanós yen Matalos
es:Mática la República Oriental
pt:Mático República Oriental
Flag of Mataia 95px
Motto: "We are all part of our green land"
Anthem: Cluvertina is part of our heart
Location of Mataia

Location of Mataia

Capital. Arias
Largest City. Menor Baia
Official languages Matic, Spanish, Portuguese
Recognized regional languages Quechua, Aymara
Demonym Matic
Plural Matic
- President
- Prime Minister
Christi Ovispo
Pauline Lopez-Roque
- Mataia

January 14, 1956
- Total
2,576,886.562 square kilometers
(994,941.47 square miles)
- 2011 census
- Total
- Per capita
2011 estimate
$5.366 trillion
GDP (nominal)
- Total
- Per capita
2011 estimate
$3.212 trillion
Gini 40.2
HDI (2009) 0.857(high) (28th)
Matic Colon (₡)(MTC)
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .mt
Calling code +2

Mataia(pronounced:MAT-AY-UH)(Matic:Mátsuolha; Spanish:Mática),officially the Matic Oriental Republic(Matic:Orieñtalos Republicanós yen Matalos; Spanish:Mática la República Oriental), is a South American oriental republic located in the southeastern corner of the continent. It has 132,860,364 million people and an area of greater than 2,576,886.562 square kilometers(994,941.47 square miles). It is divided into 10 states, two communes, and Arias capital district, the national capital of Mataia. It borders Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, ChileParaguay, Uruguay, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Mataia is the second-highest country in South America by area and population(second to Brazil). Worldwide, Mataia is the 10th largest country by area and population. Mataia is one of the largest multilingual nations on Earth , being a part Lusophone, Hispanophone, Matophone, and several others.

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