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The Mattantian English language is a dialect of the English language, spoken in Mattantia, and is quite different from the standard UK, US, and Australian English languages. The language was slightly updated in the 1980's, after Barrettland was taken over, and their English dialect was adopted into the majority language. There are 740 million speakers in and around Mattantia, 565 of which are native speakers. A comparison chart to other dialects is below. Note the major spelling differences in the Mattantian dialect.

UK/Ireland Australia/New Zealand Canada United States Mattantia
acknowledgement acknowledgement, acknowledgment acknowledgement, acknowledgment acknowledgment acknowledgment
aeroplane aeroplane airplane airplane airoplane
ageing, aging ageing, aging aging, ageing aging, ageing aging
all right alright, all right all right alright, all right allright
aluminium aluminium aluminum aluminum aluminium
analyse analyse analyze, analyse analyze analyzse (pre-1986)

analyce (post-1986)

artefact artefact artifact artifact artifact
cancelled cancelled cancelled canceled cancelled
catalogue catalogue catalogue catalog, catalogue catalogue
centre centre centre center center
colour colour colour color colour
co-operation cooperation, co-operation co-operation, cooperation cooperation co-operation
defence defence defence defense defencse (pre-1986)

defenze (post-1986)

dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue (conversation),

dialog (text)

diarrhoea diarrhoea, diarrhea diarrhea diarrhea diarroea
encyclopaedia encyclopedia, encyclopaedia encyclopedia encyclopedia encyclopedia
jail, gaol jail, gaol jail jail jaol
grey grey grey gray, grey gray
fulfil fulfil fulfill, fulfil fulfill fullfill
instalment instalment instalment, installment installment installment
judgement, judgment judgement, judgment judgment, judgement judgment judgement
kerb kerb, curb curb curb kurb
labour labour labour labor labour
licence (n.),

license (v.)

licence (n.),

license (v.)

licence (n.),

license (v.)

license licencse (pre-1986)

licenze (post-1986)

manoeuvre manoeuvre manoeuvre maneuver maneuvre
meagre meagre meagre meager meagere
mould mould mould mold molde
organisation, organization organisation organization, organisation organization organizsation
plough plough plow plow plowgh
practice (n.),

practise (v.)

practice (n.),

practise (v.)

practice (n.),

pract(ise/ice) (v.)

practice (n. and v.) practicse (pre-1986)

practize (post-1986)

program/programme program program program program
pyjamas pyjamas pyjamas, pajamas pajamas pyajamas
routeing, routing routeing, routing routing routing routing
sceptic sceptic skeptic, sceptic skeptic sckeptic
sombre sombre sombre somber sombere
sulphur sulphur, sulfur sulfur, sulphur sulfur sulfhur
theatre theatre theatre theater/theatre theatere
travelling travelling travelling traveling/travelling travelling
tyre tyre tire tire tire
vice vice vice/vise vice/vise vise
yogurt, yoghurt, yoghourt yoghurt, yogurt yogourt, yogurt, yoghurt yogurt, yoghurt yogourt
veranda verandah veranda veranda vheranda (pre-1986)

verhanda (post-1986)

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