Mauaji Logo
Founded June 7, 1970
Country Flag of the Hurian Federation Hurian Federation
Branch Independent
Role Complete annihilation of enemy population centers
Size 41,450
Nickname Legionnaries of Genocide
Motto "Kill the men, rape the women, eat the children"
Colors Black & White
Engagements 2008 Invasion of Brazil
Amazon Campaign
Nandi Mashaba

The Mauaji, also known as the Mauaji Terror Troopers, is an army of Hurian genocidaires, conditioned from youth to kill without fear, mercy, or compassion. The force was created by Rollace Williams to deal with the rebel forces destroying Africa, but after his death in 1997, the Hurian War Council altered the force's goal to that of destroying the enemy force completely. Taken from orphans, women executed for attempted abortion, and children who's parents could not care for them, the Mauaji have no ties to family, only to country. The force is equipped with weapons designed to cause the greatest level of death a single man or woman can cause. Their escapades in the Amazon Rainforest are well documented by all sides, and currently, they are deemed a state-sponsered terrorist organization. The Mauaji have no ties to the Hurian military, but are instead trained by the Bureau of Internal Investigation as it militant force. Following the ascension of Benjamin Williams as Supreme Commander, the Mauaji has been put on "permanent standby", though the War Council is looking to overturn that order in the near-future.





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