Mauridia is a science-fantasy world in which human civilization is sharply divided into five nations, each with a completely different theme. The Mauru, who claim to be the natural caretakers of the planet, live in harmony with the animals and plants, making their home deep in the western jungle. To the north, the technologically backward Kingdom of Elos still lives in late medieval times, but the priests of Elos practice dark magic from their mountain temples. Three other societies, each well-advanced in technology, occupy the eastern side of the planet. The Gronn Federation, the Yartha Union, and Bosfor Consulate compete in an unending war for economic and military dominance. This is Mauridia. 

Political States

Nation Capital Government Leader Advantages
Mauru Federal Tribalism Grand Jaguar Topa'aku'oka Use of wild animals 


Monarchy High King Balfrik  Elemental magic
Bosfor Asteron Democratic Consulate

Consul Jacobi

Consul Escoba

Geothermal and solar power

Democratic Federation

Judicator Alan Datham Access to fossil fuels
Yartha Socialist Union Brother Ferdinand  Nuclear power

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