Mauti'dhuriya warriors on truck
A band of Mauti'dhuriya warriors
Founded 8 April 1505 BC
Current form 14 March 1870
Service branches Mauti'Kijeshi
Headquarters Ya Ngome, Mji'Makasri, Nge'ardhi
Kaizari of Nge'ardhi Juu'Khamidi'Kiburi
Antioch of Nge'ardhi Mauti'Jelani'Hodari
Military age 13–70 (Restricted to the Mauti Caste)
Conscription None
Available for
military service
9,091,172, age 13–70 (2013)
Fit for
military service
4,345,725 males, age 13–70 (2013),
3,414,500 females, age 13–70 (2013)
Reaching military
age annually
179,049 males (2013),
201,907 females (2013)
Active personnel 1,723,410
Reserve personnel None
Deployed personnel 231,468
Budget $47.791 billion
Percent of GDP 2.3%
Domestic suppliers Mlinzi Armaments
Nyota Electronics
Yazua Heavy Industries
The Mauti'dhuriya are the combat arm of the Mauti caste, and the internationally recognized military force of the Celestial Empire of Nge'ardhi. The Mauti'dhuriya are tasked with the internal security of Nge'ardhi, as well as enforcing its will externally either during times of peace or war. Originally founded as a religious sect within the Mauti caste during the time the entire caste served as the military of Nge'ardhi, the Mauti'dhuriya's role came to surpass that of the general Mauti caste member, and soon the rest of the caste was regulated to support functions, whilst the Mauti'dhuriya took over the task of fighting in battle.