Maxime Arendsen
7th President of Southern Africa
In office
March 12th, 2012 – March 12th, 2020
Vice President Baldwin Charles Wright
Preceded by Unathi Gawa
Personal details
Born Maxime Arendsen
June 4th, 1984
Cape Town
Political party Southern African Liberal Party
Domestic partner Paul Eugene Green
Residence Johannesburg
Alma mater College of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University
Profession Ecologist, Author, Conservation scientist
Religion Atheist
Signature Signature arendsen.png
"Ek is trots van Suider-Afrika. Ek is trots op wat ons geword het, deur saam te werk met mekaar 'n stabiele grondslag vir hierdie nasie te bou."
("I am proud of Southern Africa. I am proud of what we have become, by cooperating with eachother, to build a stable foundation for this nation.")
-Maxime Arendsen, At the Independence Day Festival at the 31th of May, 2012 in Johannesburg

Maxime Arendsen (born June 4th, Cape Town) is currently the 7th president of the Republic of Southern Africa, Ecologist, Conservation Scientist and Author. She became quite popular in her country due her goals she wants to achieve in the Southern African parliament.

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