The Mayor of Topstad is the chief executive of the city of Topstad, the capital of Georgeland. The Mayor is elected for a four-year term and may serve as many terms as he or she wishes, though Mayors that serve more than two terms are rare.
The Mayor is elected by a city-wide vote; he is not part of the Topstad City Council but does preside over its proceedings and recieves a casting vote.

List of Mayors of Topstad

Mayor Term Began Term Ended Party
Sir Robert Fisk 1910 1917 Conservative
Richard Maroney 1917 1919 Labour
George R. Rollins 1919 1925 Labour
William Eddington 1925 1930 Conservative
Timothy Newhart 1930 1936 Labour
Robert Timothy 1936 1943 Labour
Arthur Sheppard 1943 1951 Labour
Jack Fortune 1951 1971 Conservative
Ted Fortune 1971 1975 Conservative
Susan Montgomery-Jones 1975 1983 Conservative
Neil Coles 1983 1987 Labour
Brian Hughes 1987 1995 Conservative
Stuart Hinton 1995 1999 Labour/Liberal
Matthew Graham 1999 2007 Liberal/Liberal Democrat
Gary Trent 2007 Incumbent Conservative

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