Union of the Islands of Mecezu
Çemăli a li u-Măjilez u-Metdciçzmi (Mecezan)
Location of Mecezu
and Largest City
Ethnic groups 100% Mecezan
Demonym Mecezan
Government Parliamentary Republic
Cauash Zcelizca
Legislature Great Council of Mecezu
Independence from Athimriss
• Year
99 AU
• Estimate
2,300,000 (94th)
• Density
170/sq mi (65.6/km2) (7th)
Currency Mecezan Gula

Mecezu, officially the Union of the Islands of Mecezu (Mecezan: Çemăli a li u-Măjilez u-Metdciçzmi, IPA: [ʃɛmaʊli a li umaʊʤilɛz umeʧiʒmi]), is an island country consisting of over 800 islands and islets off the coast of Athimriss in the Northern Ocean. It is located off the northeastern coast of the Athmir island Thaleg and southeast of Lynga. The islands cover approximate 60,000 square miles, with the islands themselves covering about 14,000. The government is a parliamentary republic. There is a population of 2.3 million, and the capital city it Tamacacia, which is also the largest.

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