Mecha are large robotic machines that are operated by human pilots or artificial intelligences used in combat and security. Developed sometime during the 22nd and 23rd centuries, Mecha have become and integral part of modern society in the Known Universe in use by governments, mercenaries, gangs, security forces and for private security. Most Mecha are manufactured on Raijin, by the Asahi Corporation, being one of the largest sectors of income for the planet. Many Mecha find their way into use by certain unsavoury types, such as Mercs, Bounty Hunters and Gangs, most notably, many mercenary groups based on Kojin.

Mecha are usually humanoid in design, related to other service robots used in society. Most Mecha have mounted weapons on arm-like structures which can move freely. Some Mecha may even have the technology to use the universe's energy to allow the Mecha to use Majiku.


  • Raiju - Named after the 'beast that falls to earth in a lightning bolt' in Japanese folklore, the Raiju is designed to be deployed from orbit and to land safely on and objects surface. The Raiju is commonly operated by a human inside or remotely, however many units have artificial intelligence units. 

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